Military Record Correction & Discharge Upgrade Attorney

If your discharge has been characterized wrongly, or there is an error in your military record, there are processes available to correct the errors or upgrade your discharge characterization. Regardless of your current status in the military, you are eligible to have your record reviewed and changed or have your discharge upgraded. Attorney Brian Walker has undertaken this process for many fellow service men and women and has received favorable outcomes for all that he has represented. If you are interested in having your record or discharge reviewed, call fellow service-member Brian Walker, an attorney you can trust. 

Discharge Upgrades

Discharge upgrades can be achieved by filing an application with aDischarge Review Board (DRB). Each branch of the military has their own Discharge Review Board. A DRB only has the authority to either upgrade your discharge or change the reason for your discharge. The following upgrades can be made to your discharge:

  • A General Discharge Can Be Upgraded To An Honorable Discharge.
  • An Other Than Honorable Discharge Can Be Upgraded To A General Or Honorable Discharge
  • A Bad Conduct Discharge Can Be Upgraded To An Honorable, Other Than Honorable Or General Discharge
  • An Other Than Honorable Discharge Received While In Entry Level Status Can Be Upgraded To An Uncharacterized Discharge

In order to have your discharge reviewed by the board, you must apply within fifteen (15) years of your discharge. The DRB has a strict zero tolerance policy and will not review applications received after the 15 year time period has passed. The DRB will conduct either a documentary review or allow you to make a personal apperance.

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Correcting Wrong Info In Military Records

Military Record Corrections can be achieved by filing an application with the Board For Correction Of Military Records (BCMR). The BCMR has the authority to do the following with regard to your Military Record:

  • Review the decision of a DRB with regard to your discharge
  • Review and change discharges resulting from General Courts-martial
  • Change discharges to and from medical or disability retirement
  • Change re-enlistment codes
  • eliminate disciplinary actions
  • remove bad performance evaluations, etc.
  • re-instate service members
  • make other changes to personnel records

In order to have your case heard by a BCMR you must file an application within three (3) years of  discovery of the error or injustice in your military records. The board will still accept your application after the deadline if you can show "good cause" for the error and that accepting your application is "in the interests of justice." Having an experienced attorney can greatly increase your chances of having an untimely application accepted by a BCMR.

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Attorney Brian Walker understands the challenges that service members and veterans face on a day-to-day basis because he has served his country just as you have. If you have an error in your military record or were discharged less than honorably, call Brian Walker Law so we can fight for you!